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AI Business Automation

Software Engineering

Our automation platform has 1,500+ ready built integrations available for use.

Software Engineering with AI

We create usable software we call "Engineered Software".

What is engineered software?

Software that you can use to complete a task or solve a complex problem.

As an example...

I want a...

Website widget for my existing website OR a new website OR a mobile app, etc

That will...

Automate a business process OR automate a data process OR verify something OR respond with AI, etc.

And will...

Email a summary OR perform a task OR turn on a piece of hardware, etc.

Integrations using:

WEB, Web API, NFC, Bluetooth, AI Business Automation, etc.

Reading Time:

Case Study: End-to-End Custom AI Business Automation

End-to-End Custom Automation Services are designed to streamline your business operations. With our solutions team at your service, we'll help you automate thousands of actions using platforms like Zapier or Pabbly while also creating new custom automation actions and triggers tailored to your specific needs.

We are not just an automation service provider - we are your strategic partner in automation.

  • Seamless integration and automation of proprietary software and hardware
  • Incorporation of AI technologies into automation strategies
  • Tailored integration solutions for outdated infrastructure

Examples of AI Business Automation:

  • Streamline your email responses by using automation to send personalized replies to customer inquiries instantaneously, even employing AI capabilities such as ChatGPT to create the responses.
  • Implement automated postings on social media platforms, a time-saving feature that also ensures a steady and consistent online presence.
  • Seamlessly integrate your e-commerce platform to automatically update inventory and process orders efficiently.
  • Realtors can leverage automation to auto-fill property listings from their CRM to their website, significantly reducing tedious manual input.
  • Synchronize your customer service platform to automatically generate support tickets from customer emails, ensuring prompt attention and resolution. (respond to customers emails using ChatGPT).

There are boundless opportunities for automation...


The platform we prefer for our business is Pabbly Connect and it is available as a one time payment or reccuring payment option. Let us help you implement this amazing AI Business Integration software.

- Pabbly Connect: One Time Payment

- Pabbly Connect: Recurring Payment

2023-2024 Pricing

Please note that travel mileage charges may apply for properties situated beyond a 15-mile radius from St. Petersburg, FL. Taxes are not included in the listed prices.

We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Share your needs and ideas, and let's discuss how we might be able to assist you.

Service Price Description
Engineering $99.00 Billed per hour


Example Website -

This hosted website employs automation and API integrations connecting to industry APIs supplied by a data vendors. It's designed to be mobile-responsive, can function as a standalone app, and operates through an API server featuring JWT Authentication. Additionally, it includes a database and a content management console to support its functionalities.

Contact us to get started...

ViVSoft Computers LLC
16th St N, St. Petersburg, Florida, 33704
email: phone: 404-578-7863
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