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Creating our first VR180 3D video

We were really excited to try out two Insta GO2 cameras for our VR180 project. We heard great things about how easy they are to use, and how well they produce VR180 videos. With two cameras, we were able to shoot two simultaneous scenes at two different angles (65mm apart). We could then use the cameras’ frames to separate the two scenes which we could then assemble into a single video.

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360 Degree - The Benoist: A St Petersburg Story

Have you ever wanted to explore a historically significant place, but were not able to make it there in person? Make sure you don't miss out, as you can now take a virtual 360 degree tour and experience the sights of the place from the comfort of your own home. Join us as we embark on a journey full of discovery and exploration to uncover the wonders of this important place!

Take a 360 degree tour of the Benoist on the St. Petersburg Pier


See the tour at:
Benoist Centennial Plaza (
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360 Tour of Sanding Ovations Sandcastles


360 Tour of Sanding Ovations Sandcastles in Treasure Island, Florida
Blog Introduction: Imagine taking a stroll through a beautiful sandy beach. The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and the sand is sparkling. As you walk along, you come across the most intricate and ornate sandcastles you have ever seen. Welcome to Sanding Ovations Sandcastles in Treasure Island, Florida!

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360 Degree Photography The Future is Now

360 degree camera taking a picture

360 degree photography is a relatively new field that is quickly gaining popularity. This type of photography allows the viewer to see an image from every angle, as if they were actually there in person. 360 degree photos are often used to give potential customers a virtual tour of a business, or to give visitors to a website a more immersive experience.

What makes 360 degree photography so special is that it gives the viewer a much more complete picture than traditional photography. With traditional photography, the photographer is limited to taking one picture from one angle. This can leave the viewer feeling like they are missing out on important details, or feeling like they are not getting the full story. 360 degree photography eliminates this problem by providing the viewer with an all-around view of the subject.

Not only does 360 degree photography provide the viewer with a more complete picture, but it also allows the viewer to interact with the image in a way that is not possible with traditional photographs. Viewers can zoom in and out, rotate the image, and even view it from different angles. This makes 360 degree photos much more engaging than traditional photos, and gives viewers a much more immersive experience.

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