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My Development Philosophy: Make It Work, Then Make It Pretty, Then Make It Fast

vivian van zyl

Developing a successful product or website requires careful analysis, planning and execution. However, the process of developing a product can be broken down into three distinct stages. My development approach is simple: make it work, then make it pretty, then make it fast. In this blog post, I will explain why my development philosophy will help you create a successful product or website.

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Impact of Low-Code Low-Code Development


Low-code development is a boon to businesses for many reasons. In the modern business world, speed and agility are paramount. With low-code development, businesses can achieve faster time to market, improved resource utilization, and easier maintenance and updates.
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We are pleased to announce our latest Dog Adoption Search site

The site is available at

This site is the sister site of but uses newer themes.

Both these sites provide Adoption Search capabilities for dogs, helping dogs find new homes.

GFDogs Website Screenshot

vivian van zyl
Vivian van Zyl