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History of the Casio FX-750P Personal Computer


The Casio FX-750P Personal Computer was a handheld computer introduced by Casio Computer Co. in 1985. It was marketed as a personal computer and scientific calculator in one, and it had a built-in BASIC programming language. The FX-750P had a monochrome LCD display, a QWERTY keyboard, and a cassette tape interface for data storage. It was powered by a single CR2032 lithium coin cell battery.

The FX-750P was succeeded by the FX-770P in 1986, which featured more memory and an improved BASIC interpreter. The FX-750P was notable for its small size and portability, which made it popular among students, educators, and hobbyists. It was also used in some industrial and scientific applications.

Despite its popularity, the Casio FX-750P was eventually overshadowed by more advanced pocket computers and PDAs. However, it remains a beloved and nostalgic piece of technology for many enthusiasts and collectors.

A timeline of significant events related to the release of the Casio FX-750P:

1985: Casio releases the FX-7000G, the world's first graphing calculator
1986: Casio releases the FX-720P, its first attempt at a personal computer
1987: Casio releases the FX-730P, an improved version of the FX-720P with more memory and a better keyboard
1987: Casio releases the FX-750P, an even further improved version of the FX-730P with more memory and a larger display
1989: Casio releases the FX-850P, an even further improved version of the FX-750P with even more memory and a higher resolution display
1990: Casio discontinues production of the FX-750P and FX-850P
1990: Casio releases the FX-880P, its final attempt at a personal computer
1992: Casio discontinues production of the FX-880P

History of the Casio FX-750P Personal Computer.

The Casio FX-750P was a personal computer that was first launched in 1985. It was a programmable calculator that could also be used for basic computing tasks. The FX-750P had an 8-bit CPU, 32KB of RAM, and a monochrome LCD display.

One of the key features of the FX-750P was its ability to run programs written in BASIC. This made it a popular tool for students and professionals who needed a portable computer for programming tasks. The FX-750P also had several built-in applications, including a calendar, a clock, and a stopwatch.

Over the years, the FX-750P underwent several updates and iterations. In 1987, Casio released the FX-850P, which had an improved display and more memory. In 1989, the FX-880P was released, which added even more memory and several new features.

Despite its popularity, the FX-750P was eventually discontinued in the early 1990s as more advanced personal computers were introduced to the market. However, it remains a beloved piece of computing history and is still sought after by collectors and enthusiasts today.

Overall, the Casio FX-750P was an important milestone in the history of personal computing. It helped pave the way for portable, programmable computers that could be used in a variety of settings. Its legacy lives on in the many devices that followed in its footsteps, and it is still remembered fondly by those who used it.

Overall, the Casio FX-750P was a significant personal computer that introduced many innovative features to the market. Its popularity among professionals helped establish Casio as a leading technology company.

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